Random Drive-By

February 3, 2013

My spouse has a broken bone in his foot, so he’s been home with a boot on it and he’s driving me nuts.  >_<   Also, I’ve not been to the gym in ages because my schedule at work has become unpredictable; staffing changes and holidays have turned the last three months into a lost cause.  I simply must go back.

I’ve become addicted to ‘Ripper Street’.  It’s a cool show on par with ‘Copper’, but its lead isn’t as blaringly flawed and his wife is interesting–an educated woman in a time where getting married was the best thing she could do.  :/  Ugh, history…   I had a chance to catch The American’s too; I had reservations about it because I’ve never been a Felicity fan and so seeing Russell made me cringe—but I was wrong in my bias, she’s the best character on the show and despite a woman’s place in the Regan era 80’s (you work? you must hate your family…), the dynamic between she and her spouse is interesting.  The Following hasn’t bailed on me story-wise so I’m still watching, and on the subject of Bacon–Chase bank needs to kill the mocky-Footloose ads.  They’re stupid.

Got off my ass and decided to actually begin revisions on Femitokon.  The opening scene of chapter one needs a complete re-write, which I intend to finish today.  Onward ho… 

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