You’re Wrong, Okay?

August 26, 2014

I’m going to take this moment to fume. I rarely do such things anymore because I’ve so little to get pissed about, but today was a corker.

FIRST OFF: This isn’t me.  I’m more offended that anyone would think I could live in Florida, let alone have a rap sheet that long! 0_o

NEXT: My teen’s taking college classes at their High School.  So professor teaching class makes it clear she deals only with students, not parents. I can appreciate this, it’s one less teacher I have to worry about.  ^_-

It does get cumbersome when you have to go through a third person, to tell said professor, that the edition of the book she wishes your student to have, is not at the College book store.  Now here’s where I get pissed.


I email counselor because kiddo says they’re supposed to have this book by Wednesday.  0_0  So I cancel the Amazon order, because it wont be here by Wednesday morning; I got to bookstore at 9am and all they have is the 11th edition.

Prof tells the counselor I called that 12th Edition is at the store–she was there this morning.  Bullshit. I was there at 9am, they had only 11th edition books–asked two of the people working there, where’s the 12th?

“We don’t have that edition…”

So I call the counselor after being told in the email that the prof pretty much says I BE LYING.

I’m going to assume that said professor saw the pile of 11th editions and thought they were the latest editions–they aren’t, but hey—what do I know, I’m just a meddling parent. If it comes down to me having to return this edition and get the 12th online from Amazon–which BTW, you can’t fucking rent because it’s too new…and I’m not lying about that, I will do it, because if there is a chance that there’s some disconnect between professor and my teen in regard to having it by Wednesday, then I’ll own that shit.  –yet so far, I’m not inclined to believe that, based on what I’ve experienced today. FWIW, if she said they could ‘rent it’ from Amazon on Monday, there’s no way they’re getting the books by Wednesday morning– unless that drone thing of Amazon’s started and I wasn’t paying attention.

So yes, I’m frustrated.

I’m not even the sort of parent that gives a crap about about this stuff–seriously, my teen’s pretty-together regarding shit like this, yet because they don’t drive yet and cannot afford their own books at this time, I’m sort of involved in the process.  I’m willing to give this professor the benefit of the doubt and assume she just saw the wrong edition and further assume she didn’t look at the Amazon page and didn’t see that it wasn’t rent-able (not an issue really) and I going to go one more and hope that Mag got the message wrong in that if you’re told about a book on Monday and advised to order it from Amazon that day–you won’t have it by class time on Wednesday morning, of the same week.


Lots of assumptions.  I feel so much better now that I’ve ranted.

-back to work, this manuscript won’t write itself!

PS – I know authors in Austin like to check on other writers from their area, if you’re reading this Professor, know that it’s not personal; now that I’ve blogged, I’m over it.  I’m a frustrated parent that lives no where near ACC Campus Bookstore (driving there twice was a pain in the ass), and as an alpha, I’m easily twisted when forced to engage a third-party in what should’ve been just a conversation, between two adults.


End of Summer

August 20, 2014

This month I’ve been off the radar. My free time has spent going to the gym, helping the 18 yo job hunt, and getting the 16 yo ready for college classes they’re taking this year in high-school. I’ve done zero in the way of vacation this summer, so I’m due for something by the end of September…if I have time. =_=;

The job hunt has been slow —while Texas has seen a boom in new jobs and less unemployment, it’s mostly in the tech and skilled areas, and with every family that moves here, comes members of their family that take jobs for the unskilled. Employers like grocery stores and retail outlets, even restaurants, can demand applicants have at least a year of experience, because there’s more skilled applicants than their are unskilled-positions. Also, construction-work is not an option, because the market is saturated with labor from other parts of Texas willing to do the work for cheap.

Hindering our search is Ian himself. He barely fills out applications, he’s constantly on the phone with his girlfriend (he has no car or driver’s license, so he’s here all day), this is bad because no one can call him back if he’s constantly on the phone.  We’re about to put the smack down on the phone use and the constant internet use for Ian–he’s got no job, no college in his future, and I’m tired of my spouse getting an attitude because he’s always in the kitchen eating up all the food. I’m just tired of him sucking up my electricity.

School clothes for Mag were a cinch as always—and we shaved the back of her head and bleached her front for the upcoming school year. I hate the front, they’re going for a ‘Cobain’ look and I really hate it. We got lucky in that Amazon allows for textbook rental for these college classes—that’s a relief because I’m not paying $110 for a book they’ll only use for one semester. Textbook prices are fucking ridiculous—even the digital ones ($99 for an eTextbook?).

I’m slowly adjusting to the new diet and workout regimen that I’ve been put on. I can’t go over 1500 calories, I work out every other day, and I cannot eat things that will inflame my pancreas, irritate the ulcer in my stomach, or aggravate my gallbladder; in other words—I can’t drink alcohol EVER, nor any of the carb-heavy things I grew up with. >_<  I’m on a tracker for my food intake which sucks. I hate recovering from medical mishaps.

I’ve been cleaning up the manuscripts for books 1-6, my novellas are now novels.

The outlines for the final two books are finished and approved—so I’m writing dialog for the first of the final two. I plan to begin the first draft on that one September 1. To remain focused I’ve had to eliminate my Twitter account, and am thinking of taking Facebook off my menu-bar. There’s so much going on right now that it’s hard to tune out and remain focused.

September’s when I’m expected to release the artist from her contract if certain things aren’t finished when the pub wants them. Again—everything’s on hold because I don’t give a shit about the art at this time, but I do see their point in that we still don’t have an approved design for the main character, nor do we have an image that represents that character in action.

Time for a breakfast shake, and then writing.


Revisions and Deadline Hell.

August 3, 2014


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